IMG_20140117_1Sugar and Spice and Everything nice is a space created to share with you the recipes that I make every day in my house, here you will find simple recipes to spice up your  menu, recipes to share on the weekends with family and friends, vegetarian dishes and many ideas for healthy eating. I’m not planning to write and share recipes only for people with extensive dinning experience, I write for those who have not achieved the best results when venturing with crazy recipes, those who want to be innovating but not complicated, to those who wake up with cravings and just want to turn on the computer to find a new recipe for any day every day.

For those wondering about me, I am a lover for cooking and passionate about bringing happiness to my guests at the table. Did not study cooking or anything, I guided myself with books, magazines and TV shows, I am dedicated to producing amazing desserts, I love photography and handmade things.

By creating this space, I am also creating a great  way to communicate with you, who can tell me you opinions and experiences from making recipes from my kitchen. Please send pictures and email me if you have questions or comments.

Follow me on my social networks to continue to share with you and to know a little bit more than you do!


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